All Classes, Interfaces, Objects and Records

Name Unit Description
ColorspaceCollection BGRABitmapTypes

The collection of all colorspaces and conversions between them.

EAvifException avifbgra

Exception when using libavif library

EColorQuantizerMissing BGRAGifFormat

Exception raised when no color quantizer is available


Interface for a font drawn on OpenGL canvas

IBGLRenderedFont BGRAFontGL

Interface for font rendering with OpenGL

IBGLTexture BGRAOpenGLType

Interface for a texture in OpenGL (stored in VRAM)

IBGRACanvasGradient2D BGRACanvas2D

Interface for a gradient for TCanvas2D

IBGRACanvasTextureProvider2D BGRACanvas2D

Interface for a texture/scanner for Tcanvas2D

IBGRADirectionalLight3D BGRASceneTypes

Interface of directional light for 3D scene

IBGRAFace3D BGRASceneTypes

Interface for a face in a 3D object

IBGRALight3D BGRASceneTypes

Interface of a light for a 3D scene

IBGRAMaterial3D BGRASceneTypes

Interface of material for the surface of a 3D object

IBGRANormal3D BGRASceneTypes

Interface of a normal of a 3D surface

IBGRAObject3D BGRASceneTypes

Interface of an object in a 3D scene

IBGRAPart3D BGRASceneTypes

Interface of a part of a 3D object, that can be moved independently of other parts.

IBGRAPath BGRABitmapTypes

Interface for path functions.

IBGRAPointLight3D BGRASceneTypes

Interface of point light for 3D scene

IBGRAScanner BGRABitmapTypes

Interface for a scanner.

IBGRAVertex3D BGRASceneTypes

Interface for a vertex of a 3D object

TAdobeRGBA BGRABitmapTypes

AdobeRGB color (8-bit channels)

TAdobeRGBAColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

AdobeRGB colorspace (8-bit channels)

TAdobeRGBAHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TAdobeRGBA color

TAffineBox BGRABitmapTypes

Object representing an affine box.

TAnimationControlChunk BGRAPNGComn

PNG chunk to specify animation

TArcDef BGRABitmapTypes

Definition of an arc of an ellipse

TAssemblyReference BGRADNetDeserial

Reference to a .NET assembly

TAttributeVariable BGRACanvasGL

Attribute variable in shader (value defined per vertex)

TAttributeVariableInteger BGRAOpenGL3D

Attribute variable containg an integer

TAttributeVariablePoint BGRAOpenGL3D

Attribute variable containg a 2D point with integer coordinates

TAttributeVariablePoint3D BGRAOpenGL3D

Attribute variable containg a 3D point

TAttributeVariablePointF BGRAOpenGL3D

Attribute variable containg a 2D point

TAttributeVariableSingle BGRAOpenGL3D

Attribute variable containg a floating-point value

TAvifReader avifbgra

Reader for AVIF images or animations (not derived from TFPCustomImageReader)

TAvifWriter avifbgra

Writer for AVIF images or animations (not derived from TFPCustomImageWriter)

TBasicLightingContext BGRASSE

Base context necessary to compute lighting (can be aligned for SSE)


Array in OpenGL


RGBA bitmap that can be used with OpenGL by converting it into a texture


Shader computing a blurred image


Context for OpenGL surface

TBGLCustomArray BGRACanvasGL

Abstract array for OpenGL

TBGLCustomBitmap BGRAOpenGLType

Abstract RGBA bitmap that can be used with OpenGL by converting it into a texture

TBGLCustomCanvas BGRACanvasGL

Abstract canvas for OpenGL

TBGLCustomElementArray BGRACanvasGL

Abstract array of elements specifed by index for OpenGL

TBGLCustomFont BGRAOpenGLType

Abstract class for a font drawn on OpenGL canvas

TBGLCustomFrameBuffer BGRAOpenGLType

Abstract class for a frame buffer in OpenGL

TBGLCustomLighting BGRACanvasGL

Abstract class for lighting with OpenGL

TBGLCustomShader BGRACanvasGL

Abstract shader for OpenGL

TBGLCustomSprite BGRASpriteGL

Abstract class for a sprite with OpenGL

TBGLCustomSpriteEngine BGRASpriteGL

Abstract class for a sprite engine

TBGLCustomTexture BGRAOpenGLType

Abstract class for a texture in OpenGL (stored in VRAM)

TBGLDefaultSprite BGRASpriteGL

Default implementation for sprites with OpenGL

TBGLDefaultSpriteEngine BGRASpriteGL

Default implementation for a sprite rendering engine with OpenGL

TBGLElementArray BGRAOpenGL

Array of elements indicated by their index

TBGLFrameBuffer BGRAOpenGL

Frame buffer in OpenGL.


Lighting for 3D scene


Path with OpenGL rendering

TBGLRenderedFont BGRAFontGL

Implementation of font rendering by using a bitmap cache


Renderer of 3D scenes using OpenGL


3D scene rendered with OpenGL


Shader for 3D polygons

TBGRA16BitPalette BGRAPalette

Palette containing all possible 16-bit colors.

TBGRA3X3FilterScanner BGRAFilterScanner

Abstract scanner that applies a filter on a 3x3 window of pixels

TBGRAAffineBitmapTransform BGRATransform

Scanners that applies an affine transform to a bitmap.

TBGRAAffineScannerTransform BGRATransform

Scanner that transforms any other scanner.

TBGRAAnimatedGif BGRAAnimatedGif

Class to read/write animated GIF, supports animated PNG as well when specified

TBGRAAnimatedPng BGRAAnimatedGif

Class to read/write animated PNG, supports animated GIF as well when specified.

TBGRAApproxPalette BGRAColorQuantization

Palette approximating color base on a color tree

TBGRAApproxPaletteViaLargerPalette BGRAColorQuantization

Palette approximating via a large palette


Implementation of arrow computation

TBGRAAvgLvlPalette BGRAPalette

Abstract implementation of a BGRA palette using a binary tree.

TBGRABitmap BGRABitmap

Import version for MSEgui

TBGRABitmapScanner BGRATransform

Simple scanner for a bitmap


Brush property for TBGRACanvas

TBGRABufferedGradient BGRAGradientScanner

Buffered gradient to accelerate computation of complex gradients

TBGRACanvas BGRACanvas

Improved canvas with gamma correction and transparency

TBGRACanvas2D BGRACanvas2D

Implementation of Canvas2d similar to HTML.

TBGRACanvasState2D BGRACanvas2D

Saved state of a TCanvas2D

TBGRACanvasTextureProvider2D BGRACanvas2D

Provides a texture to a TCanvas2D.

TBGRAColorBox BGRAColorQuantization

Box area in the colorspace allowing to split in two different areas

TBGRAColorDefinition BGRABitmapTypes

Definition of a single color in RGB colorspace

TBGRAColoredObject BGRACanvas

Any colored object

TBGRAColorList BGRABitmapTypes

Contains a fixed list of colors

TBGRAColorQuantizer BGRAColorQuantization

Implementation of color quantization

TBGRAColorTree BGRAColorQuantization

Binary tree of colors for color approximation

TBGRACompressableBitmap BGRACompressableBitmap

Class to compress and store the compressed image.

TBGRAConstantScanner BGRAGradientScanner

Scanner of constant color

TBGRAContourScanner BGRAFilterScanner

Scanner that computes the contour of the elements of an image.

TBGRACoordData3D BGRACoordPool3D

3D coordinate information (can be aligned for SSE)

TBGRACoordPool3D BGRACoordPool3D

Array of 3D coordinates for batch computation

TBGRACustomApproxPalette BGRAPalette

Abstract palette that can find an approximate matching color

TBGRACustomArrow BGRABitmapTypes

Generic class configuring and rendering an arrow

TBGRACustomBitmap BGRABitmapTypes

Base class for TBGRABitmap.

TBGRACustomColorQuantizer BGRAPalette

Abstract class for color quantization.

TBGRACustomFillInfo BGRABitmapTypes

Abstract class defining any shape that can be filled

TBGRACustomFontRenderer BGRABitmapTypes

Abstract class for all font renderers

TBGRACustomGradient BGRABitmapTypes

Defines a gradient of color, not specifying its shape but only the series of colors

TBGRACustomLayeredBitmap BGRALayers

Abstract class for storing a layered bitmap

TBGRACustomMultiGradient BGRAGradientScanner

Abstract class multi color stops gradient

TBGRACustomOriginalStorage BGRALayerOriginal

Abstract original storage

TBGRACustomPalette BGRAPalette

Abstract class containing a palette

TBGRACustomPath BGRABitmapTypes

Generic class representing a path, providing methods for creation and exploration

TBGRACustomPathCursor BGRABitmapTypes

Class that contains a cursor to browse an existing path

TBGRACustomPenStroker BGRABitmapTypes

Generic class representing a pen stroker, used for drawing and styling lines with various attributes

TBGRACustomScanner BGRABitmapTypes

Base class for implementing IBGRAScanner interface

TBGRACustomTextEffect BGRACustomTextFX

Computes text effects based on a grayscale mask.

TBGRACustomTypeWriter BGRATypewriter

Abstract class for font rendering using cached glyphs

TBGRACustomTypeWriterHeader BGRATypewriter

Header of typewriter stream

TBGRACustomWriterPNG BGRABitmapTypes

Generic definition for a PNG writer with alpha option

TBGRADefaultBitmap BGRADefaultBitmap

Base implementation for all TBGRABitmap classes.

TBGRAEmbossHightlightScanner BGRAFilterScanner

Scanner that computes an embossed image and fills the shape with a highlight color.

TBGRAExtendedBorderScanner BGRATransform

Scanner that restricts the source to a rectangular area and pad the rest.

TBGRAFilterScanner BGRAFilterType

Abstract class for a scanner that applies a filter

TBGRAFilterScannerGrayscale BGRAFilterScanner

Scanner that converts colored pixel into grayscale with same luminosity

TBGRAFilterScannerMultipixel BGRAFilterType

Abstract class for a scanner that applies a filter on a group of pixels

TBGRAFilterScannerNegative BGRAFilterScanner

Scanner that computes the negative of the colors

TBGRAFilterScannerNormalize BGRAFilterScanner

Scanner that normalizes the value of color channels.

TBGRAFilterScannerPixelwise BGRAFilterType

Abstract class for a scanner that applies a filter per pixel

TBGRAFilterScannerSwapRedBlue BGRAFilterScanner

Scanner that swaps red and blue channels


Font property for TBGRACanvas

TBGRAGenericPool BGRACoordPool3D

Array of 3D points for batch computation

TBGRAGlyph BGRATypewriter

Abstract class for a glyph

TBGRAGlyphDisplayInfo BGRATypewriter

Information on how to display a glyph

TBGRAGlyphsInfo BGRAVectorize

General information on glyph stream

TBGRAGradientOriginalDiff BGRAGradientOriginal

Difference in a gradient original

TBGRAGradientScanner BGRAGradientScanner

Scanner that renders a gradient

TBGRAGradientTriangleScanner BGRAGradientScanner

Scanner of triangle scanner in linear RGBA colorspace

TBGRAHueGradient BGRAGradientScanner

Hue gradient between two colors

TBGRAHueMultiGradient BGRAGradientScanner

Multi-gradient using hue interpolation

TBGRAIconCursor BGRAIconCursor

An icon or cursor, with multiple images, one for each size and depth

TBGRAIconCursorEntry BGRAIconCursor

Image entry within an icon or cursor

TBGRAImageOriginalDiff BGRALayerOriginal

Difference in an image original

TBGRAImageReader BGRABitmapTypes

Bitmap reader with additional features

TBGRAIndexedPalette BGRAPalette

Indexed palette of colors

TBGRAIndexedPaletteEntry BGRAPalette

Indexed color in palette

TBGRALayerCustomOriginal BGRALayerOriginal

Abtract class for an original that renders a layer in a layered image

TBGRALayeredBitmap BGRALayers

Base implementation for a layered bitmap


Layered SVG.

TBGRALayerGradientOriginal BGRAGradientOriginal

Original for rendering a gradient

TBGRALayerImageOriginal BGRALayerOriginal

Original of an image in a layered image (affined transformed)

TBGRALayerInfo BGRALayers

Information about one layer

TBGRALayerOriginalEntry BGRALayers

Entry for one original in a list of originals

TBGRALayerSVGOriginal BGRASVGOriginal

Original for an SVG layer in a layered image

TBGRALazPaintImage BGRALazPaint

Layered image in LazPaint (LZP) format

TBGRALight3D BGRASceneTypes

Light for a 3D scene

TBGRAMaterial3D BGRASceneTypes

Material for the surface of a 3D object

TBGRAMemOriginalStorage BGRALayerOriginal

Storage available for an original

TBGRAMemoryStreamBitmap BGRADefaultBitmap

Bitmap relying on a memory stream containing RGBA pixel data

TBGRAMSEguiBitmap BGRAMSEguiBitmap

Implementation of TBGRABitmap for MSEgui

TBGRAMultiGradient BGRAGradientScanner

Multi-gradient using RGBA interpolation

TBGRAMultishapeFiller BGRAPolygon

Class that fills multiple shapes at once, joining them smoothly

TBGRAMultiSliceScaling BGRASliceScaling

Slice scaling of multiple bitmaps

TBGRANormalData3D BGRACoordPool3D

3D normal information (can be aligned for SSE)

TBGRANormalPool3D BGRACoordPool3D

Array of 3D normals for batch computation

TBGRAOpacityScanner BGRAGradientScanner

Scanner applying an opacity

TBGRAOpenRasterDocument BGRAOpenRaster

Layered image using OpenRaster format

TBGRAOriginalDiff BGRALayerOriginal

Difference of an original in a layered bitmap

TBGRAOriginalEditor BGRALayerOriginal

Graphical editor for an original

TBGRAPalette BGRAPalette

Palette of colors, roughly sorted by luminosity


Path (in 2D) that allows to define custom shapes that can be drawn

TBGRAPathCursor BGRAPath

Cursor to determine position along a path


Pen property for TBGRACanvas


Class to hold pen stroker configuration and compute path

TBGRAPerspectiveScannerTransform BGRATransform

Scanner that performs a perspective transform (3D)

TBGRAPhoxoDocument BGRAPhoxo

Layered image in Phoxo format

TBGRAPixel BGRABitmapTypes

Each pixel is a sequence of 4 bytes containing blue, green, red and alpha channel.

TBGRAPixelBasicHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for basic conversions of TBGRAPixel

TBGRAPixelColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

StdRGB colorspace (8-bit channels)

TBGRAPixelHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TBGRAPixel color

TBGRAPolygonalGlyph BGRATypewriter

Polygonal or curved glyph

TBGRAPtrBitmap BGRADefaultBitmap

Bitmap relying on a pointer to RGBA pixel data

TBGRAQuadLinearScanner BGRATransform

Scanner for a texture mapped to a quadrilateral shape

TBGRARandomScanner BGRAGradientScanner

Scanner of random color

TBGRAReaderAvif BGRAReadAvif

Reader for AVIF still image format.


Reader for BMP format

TBGRAReaderBmpMioMap BGRAReadBmpMioMap

Reader for iGO bitmap format (MioMap)

TBGRAReaderCur BGRAReadIco

Image reader for CUR format

TBGRAReaderGIF BGRAAnimatedGif

Static GIF reader

TBGRAReaderGif BGRAReadGif

Reader for GIF still image format.

TBGRAReaderIco BGRAReadIco

Image reader for ICO format

TBGRAReaderIcoOrCur BGRAReadIco

Image reader for ICO and CUR format

TBGRAReaderJpeg BGRAReadJpeg

Reader for JPEG image format

TBGRAReaderLazPaint BGRAReadLzp

Reader for LZP image format (flattened)

TBGRAReaderLazPaintWithLayers BGRALazPaint

Reader for LazPaint (LZP) image format.


Reader for Phoxo image (flattened)


Reader for PCX image format


Reader for PNG image format


Reader for Photoshop image format


Reader for TGA image format

TBGRAReaderTiff BGRAReadTiff

Reader for TIFF format


Reader for WebP image format


Reader for XPM image format

TBGRAReferencePalette BGRAPalette

Palette of colors indirectly specify by a pointer

TBGRARenderer3D BGRARenderer3D

Software renderer for 3D scenes

TBGRAResourceManager BGRABitmapTypes

Generic class for embedded resource management

TBGRAScannerOffset BGRATransform

Scanner that adds an offset


3D scene

TBGRAShader3D BGRARenderer3D

Shader for 3D software rendering

TBGRASharpenScanner BGRAFilterScanner

Scanner that computes a sharpened image by comparing neighbouring pixels

TBGRASimpleGradient BGRAGradientScanner

Abstract simple RGBA gradient between two colors

TBGRASimpleGradientWithGammaCorrection BGRAGradientScanner

Simple RGBA gradient between two colors with gamma correction

TBGRASimpleGradientWithoutGammaCorrection BGRAGradientScanner

Simple RGBA gradient between two colors without gamma correction

TBGRASliceScaling BGRASliceScaling

Class to configure and render slice scaling of a bitmap

TBGRASolidColorMaskScanner BGRAGradientScanner

Scanner filling a mask with a solid color

TBGRASphereDeformationScanner BGRATransform

Scanners that distorts as a shere shape


Reading, writing and rendering for an SVG document

TBGRASVGOriginalDiff BGRASVGOriginal

Difference of SVG original

TBGRASystemFontRenderer BGRAText

Font renderer using system rendering (LCL, mseGUI).


Implementation of text effects using system rendering.

TBGRATextEffectFontRenderer BGRATextFX

Font renderer with shadow and outline effects.

TBGRATextureMaskScanner BGRAGradientScanner

Scanner filling a mask with a texture

TBGRATriangleLinearMapping BGRATransform

Scanner that provides an optimized transformation for linear texture mapping on triangles

TBGRATwirlScanner BGRATransform

Scanner that applies a twirl transformation.

TBGRAVectorizedFont BGRAVectorize

Allows to vectorize and to load vectorized font and draw them

TBGRAVectorizedFontHeader BGRAVectorize

Header of a serialized vectorized font

TBGRAVectorizedFontRenderer BGRAVectorize

Font renderer using vectorized fonts and with effects.

TBGRAVerticalCylinderDeformationScanner BGRATransform

Scanners that distorts as a cylinder shape

TBGRAWeightedPalette BGRAPalette

Palette of weighted colors.

TBGRAWeightedPaletteEntry BGRAPalette

Weighted color in palette

TBGRAWriterAvif BGRAWriteAvif

Extends the TFPCustomImageWriter to write the AVIF image format


Extends the TFPWriterBMP to save resolution

TBGRAWriterBmpMioMap BGRAWriteBmpMioMap

Extends the TFPCustomImageWriter to write the BMP MioMap (iGO) image format

TBGRAWriterGIF BGRAAnimatedGif

Static GIF writer


Extends the TFPWriterJPEG to save resolution

TBGRAWriterLazPaint BGRAWriteLzp

Extends the TFPCustomImageWriter to write LazPaint image format

TBGRAWriterLazPaintWithLayers BGRALazPaint

Writer for LazPaint (LZP) image format.


Writer for Phoxo image (flattened)


Extends the TFPWriterPCX to save resolution


Extends the TFPCustomImageWriter to write the PNG image format

TBGRAWriterTiff BGRAWriteTiff

Extends the TFPCustomImageWriter to write the TIFF image format


Extends the TFPCustomImageWriter to write the WebP image format

TBidiCaretPos BGRATextBidi

Position of carte in bidirectional text

TBidiLayoutTree BGRATextBidi

Tree of bidirectional text with actual size computation

TBidiLayoutTreeData BGRATextBidi

Parameters for TBidiLayoutTree

TBidiTextLayout BGRATextBidi

Computes, updates, and render text using Unicode bidirectional algorithm

TBidiTree BGRAUnicodeText

Tree of Unicode bidirectional text.


Unicode layout information along with offset for each UTF8 character

TBitmapHelper BGRAGraphics


TBitmapResourceEntry BGRAWinResource

BMP resource entry

TBitmapTracker BGRAMSEguiBitmap

Tracker of bitmap changes

TBox3D BGRASceneTypes

Bounds of a 3D box

TBridgedConversion BGRABitmapTypes

Color conversion involving two steps

TBrokenLineInfo BGRATextBidi

Information about a broken line (limited by layout with or a separator)

TBrush BGRAGraphics

A class describing a brush

TByteMask BGRABitmapTypes

Grayscale color (8-bit channels)

TByteMaskColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

Grayscale colorspace (8-bit channels)

TByteMaskHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TByteMask color

TCamera3D BGRAScene3D

Camera for a 3D scene

TCanvas2dTextSize BGRACanvas2D

Text measurement in TBGRACanvas2D

TCanvasHelper BGRAGraphics


TColorColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

StdRGB colorspace (8-bit channels)

TColorHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TColor color

TColorInt65536 BGRAColorInt

RGBA color defined by integers from 0 to 65536

TCSSUnitConverter BGRAUnits

Converter for CSS units

TCubicBezierCurve BGRABitmapTypes

Definition of a Bézier curve of order 3.

TCubicKernel BGRAResample

Cubic interpolation is very smooth but can be a bit blurry

TCustomBlurTask BGRAFilterBlur

Blur task for custom filter

TCustomColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

Base class for a colorspace

TCustomFillPolyInfo BGRAFillInfo

Abstract class to provide fill information for a polygon

TCustomPhongShading BGRAPhongTypes

Abstract class for Phong shading

TCustomPointRecord BGRAFillInfo

Base record to describe a point in a polygon to be filled

TCustomRenderer3D BGRASceneTypes

Abstract class for 3D rendering

TCustomResourceEntry BGRAWinResource

Abstract resource entry

TCustomSerializedObject BGRADNetDeserial

Abstract class for a serialized .NET object

TCustomUniversalBitmap BGRABitmapTypes

Base class for the universal bitmap (of any colorspace)

TCustomUniversalDrawer BGRABitmapTypes

Abstract class for a drawer on an universal bitmap

TDefaultSolidBrushIndirectFixedData BGRABitmapTypes

Default data structure for a solid brush

TDimensionMinMax BGRAColorQuantization

Range according to one dimension of a color

TDitheringTask BGRADithering

Abstract dithering task

TDitheringToIndexedImage BGRADithering

Handles dithering of an image

TDotNetDeserialization BGRADNetDeserial

Deseralize .NET objets from a stream

TEasyBezierCurve BGRABitmapTypes

Object representing an easy-to-use Bezier curve.

TEntryFilename BGRAMultiFileType

Filename for an entry in a multifile container

TExpandedBitmap ExpandedBitmap

Bitmap with TExpandedPixel format, linear RGB with word values (16-bit per channel).

TExpandedPixel BGRABitmapTypes

Stores a gamma expanded RGB color.

TExpandedPixelBasicHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for basic conversions of TExpandedPixel

TExpandedPixelColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

LinearRGB colorspace (16-bit channels)

TExpandedPixelHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TExpandedPixel color

TFaceRenderingDescription BGRASceneTypes

Information about a face to render

TFieldType BGRADNetDeserial

Description of a .NET field


File stream supporting UTF8 filenames

TFillBorderEllipseInfo BGRAFillInfo

Fill information for the border of an ellipse

TFillBorderRoundRectInfo BGRAFillInfo

Fill information for the border of a round rectangle

TFillEllipseInfo BGRAFillInfo

Fill information for an ellipse

TFillPolyInfo BGRAFillInfo

Fill information for a polygon

TFillRectangleInfo BGRAFillInfo

Fill information for rectangle

TFillRoundRectangleInfo BGRAFillInfo

Fill information for a round rectangle

TFillShapeInfo BGRAFillInfo

Abstract class to provide fill information for any shape

TFilterTask BGRAFilterType

Task to apply a filter on an image

TFloatWithCSSUnit BGRAUnits

Floating-point value expressed in a CSS unit

TFloydSteinbergDitheringTask BGRADithering

Task for Floyd-Steinberg dithering

TFontHelper BGRAGraphics


TFontPixelMetric BGRABitmapTypes

Measurements of a font

TFontPixelMetricF BGRABitmapTypes

Measurements of a font in floating point values

TFormDataEntry BGRALazResource

Entry for form data in Lazarus resource

TFPColorBasicHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for basic conversions of TFPColor

TFPColorColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

StdRGB colorspace (16-bit channels)

TFPColorHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TFPColor color

TFPReaderOpenRaster BGRAOpenRaster

Reader for ORA image format (flattened)

TFPReaderPaintDotNet BGRAPaintNet

Reader for PDN files (flattened)


Reader for SVG image format

TFPWriterOpenRaster BGRAOpenRaster

Writer for ORA image format (flattened)

TFrameControlChunk BGRAPNGComn

PNG chunk for frame in animation

TFrameDataChunk BGRAPNGComn

PNG chunk for frame data

TGenericUniversalBitmap BGRABitmapTypes

Abstract class for a bitmap in a specific colorspace

TGIFData BGRAGifFormat

Data describing a GIF file

TGIFExtensionBlock BGRAGifFormat

GIF extension block

TGIFGraphicControlExtension BGRAGifFormat

GIF graphic control extension

TGIFImageDescriptor BGRAGifFormat

Image descriptor of GIF frame

TGIFScreenDescriptor BGRAGifFormat

Screen descriptor for GIF rendering

TGifSubImage BGRAGifFormat

One image in the GIF animation

TGlyphCursorUtf8 BGRAUTF8

Cursor to go through a UTF8 text glyph by glyph


Information about one glyph in a UTF8 text

TGraphic BGRAGraphics

A class containing any element that can be drawn within rectangular bounds

TGrayscaleMask BGRAGrayscaleMask

8-bit grayscale image

TGrayscaleTask BGRAFilters

Grayscale task converts colored pixel into grayscale with same luminosity

TGroupCursorEntry BGRAWinResource

Entry for an cursor (group of images)

TGroupIconDirEntry BGRAWinResource

Icon image entry in resource

TGroupIconEntry BGRAWinResource

Entry for an icon (group of images)

TGroupIconHeader BGRAWinResource

Icon header (group of images)

TGroupIconOrCursorEntry BGRAWinResource

Entry for an icon or cursor (group of images)

TGSBAPixel BGRABitmapTypes

Pixel color defined in corrected HSL colorspace.

TGSBAPixelBasicHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for basic conversion of TGSBAPixel

TGSBAPixelColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

GSB colorspace (16-bit channels)

TGSBAPixelHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TGSBAPixel color

THeaderChunk BGRAPNGComn

PNG header chunk

THSLAPixel BGRABitmapTypes

Pixel color defined in linear HSL colorspace.

THSLAPixelBasicHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for basic conversions of THSLAPixel

THSLAPixelColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

HSL colorspace (16-bit channels)

THSLAPixelHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for THSLAPixel color

TIconFileDirEntry BGRAWinResource

Icon image entry in stream

TIlluminantSpectrumPoint BGRABitmapTypes

Definition of the illuminant lightness for a wavelength

TIntersectionInfo BGRABitmapTypes

Contains an intersection between an horizontal line and any shape.

TLabA BGRABitmapTypes

CIE Lab color (32-bit floating point channels)

TLabAColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

CIE Lab colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TLabAHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TLabA color

TLanczosKernel BGRAResample

Lanczos kernel provides smooth but contrasted interpolation

TLazPaintImageHeader BGRALzpCommon

Format of header for LazPaint files

TLazResourceContainer BGRALazResource

Lazarus resource container

TLazResourceEntry BGRALazResource

Entry in a Lazarus resource

TLChA BGRABitmapTypes

CIE LCh color (32-bit floating point channels)

TLChAColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

CIE LCh colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TLChAHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TLChA color

TLinearColorGradientIntersectionInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

Intersection info for linear gradient

TLinearColorInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

segment information for linear color

TLinearRGBA BGRABitmapTypes

LinearRGB color (32-bit floating point channels)

TLinearRGBABitmap LinearRGBABitmap

Bitmap with TLinearRGBA pixel format (linear RGB with floating point values).

TLinearRGBAColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

LinearRGB colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TLinearRGBAHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TLinearRGBA color

TLinearTextureInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

segment information for linear texture

TLinearTextureMappingIntersectionInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

Intersection information for linear texture mapping

TLineDef BGRABitmapTypes

Defition of a line in the euclidian plane

TMargins BGRASliceScaling

Margins where the bitmap is not stretched

TMemDirectory BGRAMemDirectory

Directory structure in memory

TMemDirectoryEntry BGRAMemDirectory

Entry in a directory structure in memory

TMemoryBlockAlign128 BGRASSE

Class to allocate memory that is aligned to 128 bits boundaries

TMinimumBitmapHeader BGRAReadBMP

Minimum header for BMP format (non OS/2)

TMioHeader BGRAReadBmpMioMap

Header format for iGo bitmap

TMitchellKernel BGRAResample

Filter that provides smooth interpolation but less blurry than TCubicKernel

TMotionBlurTask BGRAFilterBlur

Blur task for motion blur

TMSEFontRenderer BGRAText

Font renderer using MSE calls to the operating system

TMultiFileContainer BGRAMultiFileType

Generic definition of a multifile container

TMultiFileEntry BGRAMultiFileType

Entry in a multifile container

TNameOrId BGRAWinResource

Contain a name or integer identifier for a resource

TNearestColorTask BGRADithering

Task for trivial dithering consisting in finding the nearest color

TnGradientInfo BGRAGradients

Functions to draw multiple gradients.

TOnePassFillPolyInfo BGRAFillInfo

Fill information for a polygon assuming that queries are always in increasying Y.

TOnePassRecord BGRAFillInfo

Linked list of coordinates for one-pass drawing

TOS2BitmapHeader BGRAReadBMP

Header for OS/2 bitmap format

TPackedRGBTriple BGRAGifFormat

8-bit RGB values

TPaintDotNetFile BGRAPaintNet

Layered image reader for Paint.NET

TPaperSize BGRAPapers

Description of a paper size

TParagraphInfo BGRATextBidi

Information about a paragraph

TPartEnumerator BGRATextBidi

Enumerator for text parts

TPartInfo BGRATextBidi

Information about a part of text (having same lavel and direction)

TPathCallbackData BGRABitmapTypes

Data to be passed to the callback function of the path

TPen BGRAGraphics


TPerspectiveColorGradientIntersectionInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

Intersection information for gradient with perspective gradient

TPerspectiveColorInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

segment information for linear color

TPerspectiveTextureInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

segment information for perspective texture.

TPerspectiveTextureMappingIntersectionInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

Intersection information for perspective texture mapping

TPerspectiveTransform BGRATransform

Computes a perspective transform (3D) of coordinates

TPhongShading BGRAGradients

Renders shape and height maps using Phong shading.

TPhoxoBlockHeader BGRAPhoxo

PhoXo block header

TPhoxoHeader BGRAPhoxo

PhoXo file header

TPhoxoLayerHeader BGRAPhoxo

PhoXo layer header


Frame in an animated PNG stream


Information about frame to write in PNG

TPNGPhysicalDimensions BGRAPNGComn

PNG resolution chunk

TPoint3D BGRABitmapTypes

Point in 3D with single-precision floating point coordinates

TPoint3D_128 BGRASSE

Point in 3D / 4D

TPointFHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TPointF structure providing additional functionality for point manipulation

TPolygonLinearColorGradientInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

Fill information for a polygon with linear gradient

TPolygonLinearTextureMappingInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

Fill information for a polygon with linear texture mapping

TPolygonPerspectiveColorGradientInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

Fill information for a polygon with perspective gradient

TPolygonPerspectiveMappingShaderInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

Fill information for a polygon with perspective texture mapping with shading

TPolygonPerspectiveTextureMappingInfo BGRAPolygonAliased

Fill information for a polygon with perspective texture mapping with simple lighting

TPolySlice BGRAFillInfo

Horizontal strip of a polygon being filled

TProjection3D BGRAMatrix3D

Parameters to adjust a projection of 3D in 2D

TPSDResourceBlock BGRAReadPSD

Image Resource Blocks

TPSDResourceBlockData BGRAReadPSD

Data block

TQuadraticBezierCurve BGRABitmapTypes

Definition of a Bézier curve of order 2.

TQuickImageInfo BGRABitmapTypes

Image information from superficial analysis

TRadialBlurTask BGRAFilterBlur

Blur task for radial blur

TRationalQuadraticBezierCurve BGRABitmapTypes

Quasi-standard rational quadratic Bezier curve.

TRectFHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TRectF structure providing additional functionality for rectangle manipulation

TRenderedGlyph BGRAFontGL

Glyph rendered as a texture

TRenderingOptions BGRASceneTypes

Options when rendering a 3D scene

TResourceInfo BGRAWinResource

Information about resource entry

TSceneLightingContext BGRASceneTypes

Context when computing lighting

TSerializedArray BGRADNetDeserial

Information about a serialized .NET array

TSerializedClass BGRADNetDeserial

Information about a serialized .NET class

TSerializedType BGRADNetDeserial

Description of a .NET type

TSerializedValue BGRADNetDeserial

Information about a serialized .NET value

TSimpleFillPolyInfo BGRAFillInfo

Fill information for a simple polygons

TSizeHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper to access a size

TSpectralLocusPoint BGRABitmapTypes

Definition of a point on the spectral locus in XYZ colorspace

TSplineKernel BGRAResample

Spline kernel provides customizable wide interpolation filter using Coeff property

TStdCMYK BGRABitmapTypes

StdCMYK color (32-bit floating point channels)

TStdCMYKColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

StdCMYK colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TStdCMYKHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TStdCMYK color

TStdHSLA BGRABitmapTypes

StdHSL color (32-bit floating point channels)

TStdHSLAColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

StdHSL colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TStdHSLAHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TStdHSLA color

TStdHSVA BGRABitmapTypes

StdHSV color (32-bit floating point channels)

TStdHSVAColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

StdHSV colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TStdHSVAHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TStdHSVA color

TStdRGBA BGRABitmapTypes

StdRGB color (32-bit floating point channels)

TStdRGBAColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

StdRGB colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TStdRGBAHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TStdRGBA color


String list supporting UTF8 filenames

TStyleAttribute BGRASVGType

One or more CSS attributes


SVG alternate glyph (deprecated)


SVG collection of alternate glyph definitions (deprecated)

TSVGAltGlyphItem BGRASVGShapes

SVG alternate definition for a glyph (deprecated)


SVG circle object


SVG clipping path

TSVGColorProfile BGRASVGShapes

SVG color profile for images (deprecated)


Content for an SVG element

TSVGCustomElement BGRASVGType

Abstract SVG element


Class to listen to link changes between SVG elements


SVG definitions


SVG element on any type

TSVGElementWithContent BGRASVGShapes

Any SVG element containing subelements

TSVGElementWithGradient BGRASVGShapes

Any SVG element that is filled with a gradient


SVG ellipse object


SVG single glyph for an alternate definition (deprecated)

TSVGGradient BGRASVGShapes

SVG gradient


SVG group


SVG image object


SVG line object

TSVGLinearGradient BGRASVGShapes

SVG linear gradient


SVG link (for browsing)

TSVGLinkListeners BGRASVGType

Listeners on link changes between SVG elements


SVG marker (for chart)


SVG mask (alpha)


Orientation to use for a marker relative to path


Parser for SVG attributes


SVG path object


SVG pattern (for filling)

TSVGPolypoints BGRASVGShapes

SVG polyline object

TSVGPreserveAspectRatio BGRASVGType

SVG parameter to specify aspect ratio and alignment

TSVGRadialGradient BGRASVGShapes

SVG radial gradient

TSVGRectangle BGRASVGShapes

SVG rectangle object


Set of rules for a selector in CSS


Size defined in CSS units

TSVGStopGradient BGRASVGShapes

SVG gradient color-stop


SVG style definition (CSS)


SVG text object

TSVGTextElement BGRASVGShapes

Any SVG text object or subelement

TSVGTextElementWithContent BGRASVGShapes

Any SVG text element with subelements


SVG text on path

TSVGTextPositioning BGRASVGShapes

Any SVG element with position of subelements


Hypertext reference in SVG text


SVG span of text


Converter for units within an SVG document or group


SVG bounding box for coordinates

TTextStyle BGRAGraphics

Styles to describe how a text is drawn in a rectangle

TTiffWriterEntry BGRAWriteTiff

Entry in a TIFF file

TUnformattedResourceEntry BGRAWinResource

Resource entry without formatting

TUniBrushContext BGRABitmapTypes

Working area to be provided to a brush

TUnicodeAnalysis BGRAUnicodeText

Analyze Unicode text to build a tree

TUnicodeBidiInfo BGRAUnicode

Bidirectional layout information for one Unicode character

TUnicodeBracketInfo BGRAUnicode

Pair of matching brackets

TUniformVariable BGRAOpenGL3D

Uniform variable in shader (constant for one primitve)

TUniformVariableInteger BGRAOpenGL3D

Uniform variable containg an integer

TUniformVariableMatrix4D BGRAOpenGL3D

Uniform variable containg a 4D matrix

TUniformVariablePoint BGRAOpenGL3D

Uniform variable containg a 2D point with integer coordinates

TUniformVariablePoint3D BGRAOpenGL3D

Uniform variable containg a 3D point

TUniformVariablePointF BGRAOpenGL3D

Uniform variable containg a 2D point

TUniformVariableSingle BGRAOpenGL3D

Uniform variable containg a floating-point value

TUniversalBrush BGRABitmapTypes

Unversal brush (can be initialized for any colorspace and mode)

TUniversalDrawer UniversalDrawer

Drawer implementation that is colorspace agnostic

TUnzipperStreamUtf8 UnzipperExt

Unzipping class with custom input stream that can extract a specific file

TWebPHeader BGRAReadWebP

Header for WebP files

TWideKernelFilter BGRAResample

Abstract class to define a wide kernel.

TWinResourceContainer BGRAWinResource

Container for Windows resources

TWordXYZA BGRABitmapTypes

CIE XYZ color (16-bit channels)

TWordXYZABitmap WordXYZABitmap

Bitmap with TWordXYZA pixel format, CIE 1931 XYZ with word values (16-bit per channel).

TWordXYZAColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

CIE XYZ colorspace (16-bit channels)

TWordXYZAHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TWordXYZA color


CIE XYZ color (32-bit floating point channels)

TXYZABitmap XYZABitmap

Bitmap with TXYZA pixel format, CIE 1931 XYZ with floating point values.

TXYZAColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

CIE XYZ colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TXYZAHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TXYZA color

TXYZReferenceWhite BGRABitmapTypes

Definition of a reference white

TYCbCr601 BGRABitmapTypes

YCbCr BT.601 color (32-bit floating point channels)

TYCbCr601Colorspace BGRABitmapTypes

YCbCr BT.601 colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TYCbCr601Helper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TYCbCr601 color

TYCbCr601JPEG BGRABitmapTypes

YCbCr BT.601 JPEG color (32-bit floating point channels)

TYCbCr601JPEGColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

YCbCr BT.601 JPEG colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TYCbCr601JPEGHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TYCbCr601JPEG color

TYCbCr709 BGRABitmapTypes

YCbCr BT.709 color (32-bit floating point channels)

TYCbCr709Colorspace BGRABitmapTypes

YCbCr BT.709 colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TYCbCr709Helper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TYCbCr709 color

TYCbCr709JPEG BGRABitmapTypes

YCbCr BT.709 JPEG color (32-bit floating point channels)

TYCbCr709JPEGColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

YCbCr BT.709 JPEG colorspace (32-bit floating point channels)

TYCbCr709JPEGHelper BGRABitmapTypes

Helper for TYCbCr709JPEG color

TYCbCrStdParameters BGRABitmapTypes

Parameters for a YCbCr colorspace