BGRABitmap documentation



BGRABitmap is a package designed to modify and create images with transparency. Direct pixel access allows fast image processing. The library has been tested on Windows, Linux and Mac.

How to install

There are various ways to install.

The source code can be browser on the repository.

Quick start

Include BGRABitmap and BGRABitmapTypes in the uses clause. If you are using LCL types, add also BGRAGraphics unit.

Create TBGRABitmap instances for each image. This class derives from TBGRACustomBitmap.

The CanvasBGRA property of type TBGRACanvas provides a canvas with opacity and antialiasing.

The Canvas2D property of type TBGRACanvas2D provides a canvas with 2d transformation and similar to HTML5.

More resources

You can read more about BGRABitmap in the wiki. And also you can follow tutorials to learn how to use BGRABitmap.

There is also an image transitions tutorial in French.

Lazarus forum has a category for BGRABitmap. To report bugs, please check issues on GitHub.