All Types

Name Unit Description
ArrayOfFloat BGRASVGType


arrayOfIBGRAVertex3D BGRAScene3D


arrayOfIBGRAVertex3D BGRASceneTypes


arrayOfLongword BGRADNetDeserial


ArrayOfNameValue BGRADNetDeserial

Array of name and values

ArrayOfSingle BGRABitmapTypes

Array of single-precision floating point values

ArrayOfSingle BGRALayerOriginal


ArrayOfString BGRACanvas2D


ArrayOfString BGRASVGType


ArrayOfTBGRAPixel BGRABitmapTypes

Array of pixels, not to be used as a buffer

ArrayOfTColorF BGRABitmapTypes

Array of TColorF

ArrayOfTColorF BGRAPolygonAliased


ArrayOfTextParts BGRASVGShapes


ArrayOfTFloatWithCSSUnit BGRAUnits


ArrayOfTIntersectionInfo BGRABitmapTypes

An array of intersections between an horizontal line and any shape

ArrayOfTPointF BGRABitmapTypes

Contains an array of points with single-precision floating point coordinates

ArrayOfTStyleAttribute BGRASVGType


ArrayOfTSVGNumber BGRAUnits


ArrayOfTSVGStyleItem BGRASVGShapes


ArrayOfWeightedColor BGRAPalette


avifCodecChoice avifbgra

Codec choices for encoding and/or decoding AVIF

avifPixelFormat avifbgra

Pixel format to use when encoding the image

EFCreateError BGRAClasses

File creation exception

EFOpenError BGRAClasses

File open exception

EightLong BGRAPNGComn

Array of 8 longwords

EInvalidOperation BGRAClasses

Invalid operation exception

HDC BGRABitmapTypes

Device context handle (using LCL if available)


Interface for a font drawn on OpenGL canvas

IBGLRenderedFont BGRAOpenGL

Interface for font rendering with OpenGL


Interface for a texture in OpenGL (stored in VRAM)

IBGRADirectionalLight3D BGRAScene3D

Interface of directional light for 3D scene


Interface for a face in a 3D object


Interface of a light for a 3D scene

IBGRAMaterial3D BGRAScene3D

Interface of material for the surface of a 3D object


Interface of a normal of a 3D surface


Interface of an object in a 3D scene


Interface of a part of a 3D object, that can be moved independently of other parts.

IBGRAPointLight3D BGRAScene3D

Interface of point light for 3D scene


Interface for a vertex of a 3D object

Int32or64 BGRABitmapTypes

Signed integer value of at least 32 bits

Int32or64 BGRAClasses

Signed integer value of at least 32 bits

PAdobeRGBA BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TAdobeRGBA color

PAnimationControlChunk BGRAPNGComn

Frame Data: Contains image data for one frame

PArcDef BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to an arc definition

PBasicLightingContext BGRASSE


PBGRACoordData3D BGRACoordPool3D


PBGRAIndexedPaletteEntry BGRAPalette


PBGRANormalData3D BGRACoordPool3D


PBGRAPixel BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer for direct pixel access.

PBGRAWeightedPaletteEntry BGRAPalette


PBrokenLineInfo BGRATextBidi


PByteMask BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TByteMask color

PColor BGRAGraphics

Pointer to a TColor value.

PCustomPointRecord BGRAFillInfo


PDefaultSolidBrushIndirectFixedData BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to the default data structure for a solid brush

PDensity BGRAFillInfo


PExpandedPixel BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to a TExpandedPixel

PFrameControlChunk BGRAPNGComn


PFrameDataChunk BGRAPNGComn




PIntersectionInfo BGRABitmapTypes


PLabA BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TLabA color

PLChA BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TLChA color

PLinearColorInfo BGRAPolygonAliased


PLinearRGBA BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TLinearRGBA color

PLinearTextureInfo BGRAPolygonAliased


PNGImageException BGRAPNGComn

Exception when reading/writing PNG files

POnePassRecord BGRAFillInfo


PPaperSizes BGRAPapers


PParagraphInfo BGRATextBidi


PPartInfo BGRATextBidi


PPerspectiveColorInfo BGRAPolygonAliased


PPerspectiveTextureInfo BGRAPolygonAliased


PPNGPhysicalDimensions BGRAPNGComn


PPoint BGRAClasses


PPoint3D BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to a TPoint3D structure

PPoint3D_128 BGRASSE


PPointF BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to a TPointF structure

PPSDResourceBlock BGRAReadPSD


PPSDResourceBlockData BGRAReadPSD


PRect BGRAClasses


PRectF BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to a TRectF structure

PRectF BGRALayerOriginal

Pointer to a TRectF structure

PSceneLightingContext BGRASceneTypes


PSize BGRAClasses


PStdCMYK BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TStdCMYK color

PStdHSLA BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TStdHSLA color

PStdHSVA BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TStdHSVA color

PStdRGBA BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TStdRGBA color

PUniBrushContext BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to working area to be provided to a brush

PUnicodeBidiInfo BGRAUnicode

the glyph is mirrored when in RTL text

PUniversalBrush BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to a universal brush

PWordXYZA BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TWordXYZA color


Pointer to TXYZA color

PXYZReferenceWhite BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to a reference white

PYCbCr601 BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TYCbCr601 color

PYCbCr601JPEG BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TYCbCr601JPEG color

PYCbCr709 BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TYCbCr709 color

PYCbCr709JPEG BGRABitmapTypes

Pointer to TYCbCr709JPEG color

string4 BGRAUTF8


TAffineBox BGRATransform

Contains an affine base and information on the resulting box

TAffineMatrix BGRABitmapTypes

An affine matrix contains three 2D vectors: the image of x, the image of y and the translation

TAffineMatrix BGRALayerOriginal

Contains an affine matrix, i.e.

TAffineMatrix BGRALayers

An affine matrix contains three 2D vectors: the image of x, the image of y and the translation

TAffineMatrix BGRATransform

Contains an affine matrix, i.e.

TAlignment BGRAClasses

Horizontal alignment

TAlphaChannelPaletteOption BGRABitmapTypes

Specifies how a palette handles the alpha channel

TAnalysisChangedEvent BGRAUnicodeText


TAnimatedChunkTypes BGRAPNGComn

Animated PNG chunks

TAntialiasingMode BGRAGraphics

Antialiasing mode for a Canvas

TAntialiasingMode3D BGRAScene3D


TAntialiasingMode3D BGRASceneTypes


TArcOption BGRABitmapTypes

Possible options for drawing an arc of an ellipse (used in BGRACanvas)

TArcOptions BGRABitmapTypes

Set of options for drawing an arc

TAttributeVariable BGRAOpenGL3D

Attribute variable in shader (value defined per vertex)

TBGLBitmapAny BGRAOpenGLType


TBGLCustomArray BGRAOpenGL

Abstract array for OpenGL

TBGLCustomCanvas BGRAOpenGL

Abstract canvas for OpenGL

TBGLCustomElementArray BGRAOpenGL

Abstract array of elements specifed by index for OpenGL


Path with OpenGL rendering


Default implementation for sprites with OpenGL

TBGLTextureAny BGRAOpenGLType


TBGLTextureHandle BGRAOpenGLType


TBGRAArrowStyle BGRABitmapTypes

Enumerates different styles of arrows that can be used in graphic rendering.

TBGRABitmapAny BGRABitmapTypes


TBGRABitmapArray BGRASliceScaling


TBGRAColorInterpolation BGRAGradientOriginal

Color interpolation in gradients

TBGRAColorInterpolation BGRAGradientScanner

Color interpolation in gradients

TBGRAColorQuantizerAny BGRAPalette


TBGRAConvertColorProc BGRAReadPng


TBGRACustomLayeredBitmapClass BGRALayers


TBGRAFontQuality BGRABitmapTypes

Quality to be used to render text

TBGRAGradientGetColorAtFloatFunc BGRABitmapTypes

Function type to get the the color at a given single-precision floating type position

TBGRAGradientGetColorAtFunc BGRABitmapTypes

Function type to get the the color at a given integer position

TBGRAGradientGetExpandedColorAtFloatFunc BGRABitmapTypes

Function type to get the the expanded color at a given single-precision floating type position

TBGRAGradientGetExpandedColorAtFunc BGRABitmapTypes

Function type to get the the expanded color at a given integer position

TBGRAGradientRepetition BGRAGradientOriginal

Gradient reptition option

TBGRAGradientRepetition BGRAGradientScanner

Gradient reptition option

TBGRAGradientScannerInternalScanAtFunc BGRAGradientScanner


TBGRAGradientScannerInternalScanNextFunc BGRAGradientScanner


TBGRAImageFormat BGRABitmapTypes

List of image formats

TBGRALayeredBitmapCheckStreamProc BGRALayers


TBGRALayeredBitmapClass BGRALayers


TBGRALayeredBitmapLoadFromStreamProc BGRALayers


TBGRALayeredBitmapSaveToStreamProc BGRALayers


TBGRALayerOriginalAny BGRALayerOriginal


TBGRALayerOriginalList BGRALayers


TBGRALeafColorMode BGRAColorQuantization


TBGRALoadingOption BGRABitmapTypes

Possible options when loading an image

TBGRALoadingOptions BGRABitmapTypes

Set of options when loading

TBGRAMaterialTextureChangedEvent BGRASceneTypes


TBGRAOriginalPolylineStyle BGRALayerOriginal


TBGRAPaletteFormat BGRAPalette


TBGRAPathAny BGRABitmapTypes

Type for specifying any derived class of TBGRACustomPath

TBGRAPathDrawProc BGRABitmapTypes

Callback function when rendering a stroke

TBGRAPathDrawProc BGRAPath


TBGRAPathElementType BGRAPath


TBGRAPathFillProc BGRABitmapTypes

Callback function when filling a shape

TBGRAPathFillProc BGRAPath


TBGRAPenStyle BGRABitmapTypes

A pen style can be dashed, dotted, etc.

TBGRAPixelBuffer BGRABitmapTypes

Array of TBGRAPixel to be used as a buffer

TBGRAPixelComparer BGRAPalette


TBGRAPolyLineOption BGRAPen


TBGRAPolyLineOptions BGRAPen


TBGRATextDisplayInfo BGRATypewriter

Information on how to display text

TBGRATextOutImproveReadabilityMode BGRABitmapTypes

Output mode for the improved renderer for readability.

TBGRATypeWriterAlignment BGRABitmapTypes

Alignment for a typewriter, that does not have any more information than a square shape containing glyphs

TBGRATypeWriterOutlineMode BGRABitmapTypes

How a typewriter must render its content on a Canvas2d

TBidiTextAlignment BGRABitmapTypes

Alignment relative to the bidi-mode

TBidiTreeAny BGRAUnicodeText



Array of unicode layout for UTF8 text

TBiggestLeafMethod BGRAColorQuantization


TBitmap BGRAGraphics


TBitMapFileHeader BGRAReadBMP


TBitMapInfoHeader BGRAReadBMP


TBitmapSubFormat BGRAReadBMP


TBlendOperation BGRABitmapTypes

Advanced blending modes.

TBMPTransparencyOption BGRAReadBMP


TBrokenLinesChangedEvent BGRATextBidi


TBrowseGlyphCallback BGRATypewriter


TBrowseGlyphCallbackFlag BGRATypewriter


TBrowseGlyphCallbackFlags BGRATypewriter


TBrushStyle BGRAGraphics


TByteSet BGRAReadIco


TCanvas BGRAGraphics


TChannel BGRABitmapTypes

Possible channels in a bitmap using any RGBA colorspace

TChannels BGRABitmapTypes

Combination of channels

TCheckPaletteFormatProc BGRAPalette


TCheckShouldStopFunc BGRAFilterType



PNG chunk

TChunkCode BGRAPNGComn

PNG chunk code

TChunkHeader BGRAPNGComn

PNG chunk header

TChunkTypes BGRAPNGComn

Static PNG chunks

TClassesPoint BGRAClasses


TClickPointHandlers BGRALayerOriginal


TColor BGRAGraphics

SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-3.0-linking-exception

TColorBoxBounds BGRAColorQuantization


TColorDimension BGRAColorQuantization


TColorDimensions BGRAColorQuantization


TColorF BGRABitmapTypes

General purpose color variable with single-precision floating point values.

TColorFormatFunction BGRAWritePNG


TColorspaceAny BGRABitmapTypes

Any colorspace class

TColorspaceConvertArrayProc BGRABitmapTypes

Function signature to convert from one colorspace to another

TColorspaceFlag BGRABitmapTypes

Flag about a colorspace

TColorspaceFlags BGRABitmapTypes

Set of flags about a colorspace

TColorspaceOverflow BGRABitmapTypes

How to handle overflow when converting from XYZ

TColorTransparency BGRABitmapTypes

Color transparency

TComponent BGRAClasses

Base component class

TComputeArrowHeadProc BGRAPen


TComputeProjectionFunc BGRAMatrix3D


TConvertColorProc BGRAReadPng


TConvMethod BGRASVGShapes



An SVG file has a width and height which describe the viewport size.



TDeleteCharEvent BGRAUnicodeText


TDensity BGRAFillInfo


TDisposeMode BGRAAnimatedGif

What to do when finishing a frame and starting the next one

TDisposeMode BGRAGifFormat

What to do when finishing a frame and starting the next one

TDitheringAlgorithm BGRABitmapTypes

Dithering algorithms that specifies how to handle colors that are not found in the palette

TDrawMode BGRABitmapTypes

Possible modes when drawing a pixel over another one

TEasyBezierCurveMode BGRABitmapTypes

Enumerates modes for handling curves in a Bezier curve sequence

TEasyBezierPointTransformFunc BGRABitmapTypes

Function type for transforming Bezier curve points

TEmbeddedOriginalChangeEvent BGRALayers


TEmbeddedOriginalEditingChangeEvent BGRALayers


TEmbeddedOriginalLoadErrorEvent BGRALayers


TEmbossOption BGRABitmapTypes

Possible options when applying emboss filter

TEmbossOptions BGRABitmapTypes

Sets of emboss options

TEntryFilename BGRAMemDirectory

Filename for an entry in a multifile container

TExpandedPixelBuffer BGRABitmapTypes

Array of TExpandedPixel to be used as a buffer

TFace3DCallback BGRASceneTypes


TFaceCulling BGRABitmapTypes

Enumerates the modes of face culling in rendering.

TFaceCulling BGRAOpenGLType

Enumerates the modes of face culling in rendering.

TFillMode BGRAGraphics

How to handle polygons that intersect with themselves and overlapping polygons

TFillStyle BGRAGraphics

Option for floodfill (used in BGRACanvas)

TFilterTask BGRAFilters

Task to apply a filter on an image

TFindStyleState BGRASVGType


TFloodfillMode BGRABitmapTypes

Options when doing a floodfill (also called bucket fill)

TFont BGRAGraphics


TFontBidiMode BGRABitmapTypes

Bidi-mode preference (right-to-left or left-to-right)

TFontBidiMode BGRAUnicode

Bidi-mode preference (right-to-left or left-to-right)

TFontQuality BGRAGraphics


TFontStyle BGRAGraphics


TFontStyles BGRAGraphics


TFontVerticalAnchor BGRABitmapTypes

Vertical anchoring of the font.

TFPJPEGCompressionQuality BGRAWriteJpeg


TFPList BGRAClasses

FreePascal list of pointers

TGenericArrayType BGRADNetDeserial


TGetFineClearTypeAutoFunc BGRABitmapTypes

Function type to detect the adequate ClearType mode



TGetPixelFunc BGRAWritePNG


TGifBackgroundMode BGRAAnimatedGif

How to deal with the background under the GIF animation

TGIFSignature BGRAGifFormat

Signature for a GIF file

TGifSubImage BGRAAnimatedGif

One image in the GIF animation

TGifSubImageArray BGRAAnimatedGif


TGifSubImageArray BGRAGifFormat


TGlyphBoxes BGRATypewriter

Array of boxes for each glyph in text

TGlyphPointCurveMode BGRATypewriter

Enumerates modes for handling curves in a Bezier curve sequence

TGlyphSizes BGRAVectorize

Size of glyphs in text

TGradientDirection BGRAGraphics

Direction of change in a gradient

TGradientInterpolationFunction BGRAGradientScanner


TGradientType BGRABitmapTypes

Shape of a gradient

TGraphicsBevelCut BGRABitmapTypes

Definition of a single line 3D bevel

THandleScanLineProc BGRAReadPng


THandleStream BGRAClasses

Stream attached to file handle

THoverPointHandlers BGRALayerOriginal


THueGradientOption BGRAGradientScanner


THueGradientOptions BGRAGradientScanner

color interpolation

TInsertCharEvent BGRAUnicodeText


TInt65536ShaderFunction3D BGRARenderer3D


TIntegerArray BGRAUTF8


TIsChannelGreaterThanOrEqualToValueFunc BGRAColorQuantization


TIsChannelStrictlyGreaterFunc BGRAColorQuantization


TIterateElementCallback BGRASVGType


TJPEGReadPerformance BGRAReadJpeg




TLayeredActionProgressEvent BGRALayers


TLightingInterpolation3D BGRAScene3D


TLightingInterpolation3D BGRASceneTypes


TLightingNormal3D BGRAScene3D


TLightingNormal3D BGRASceneTypes


TList BGRAClasses

Delphi list of pointers

TLzpCompression BGRALazPaint


TLzpCompression BGRALzpCommon


TMatrix3D BGRAMatrix3D


TMatrix4D BGRAMatrix3D


TMedianOption BGRABitmapTypes

Specifies how much smoothing is applied to the computation of the median

TMemDirectoryPath BGRAMemDirectory


TMemoryStream BGRAClasses

Memory stream

TMotionBlurTask BGRAFilters

Motion blur merge pixels in a direction.

TMSERect BGRAClasses


TMultiFileContainer BGRABitmapTypes

Generic definition of a multifile container

TMultiFileEntryList BGRAMultiFileType


TNotifyEvent BGRAClasses

Standard event without parameters

TOnLayeredBitmapLoadedProc BGRALayers


TOnLayeredBitmapLoadProgressProc BGRALayers


TOnLayeredBitmapLoadStartProc BGRALayers


TOnLayeredBitmapSavedProc BGRALayers


TOnLayeredBitmapSaveProgressProc BGRALayers


TOnLayeredBitmapSaveStartProc BGRALayers


TOpenGLBlendMode BGRAOpenGL


TOpenGLBlendMode BGRAOpenGLType


TOpenGLPrimitive BGRAOpenGL


TOpenGLPrimitive BGRAOpenGLType


TOpenGLResampleFilter BGRAOpenGL


TOpenGLResampleFilter BGRAOpenGLType


TOriginalChangeEvent BGRALayerOriginal


TOriginalClickPointEvent BGRALayerOriginal


TOriginalEditingChangeEvent BGRALayerOriginal


TOriginalEditorCursor BGRALayerOriginal


TOriginalHoverPointEvent BGRALayerOriginal


TOriginalMovePointEvent BGRALayerOriginal


TOriginalRenderStatus BGRALayers


TOriginalStartMovePointEvent BGRALayerOriginal


TOutputPixelProc BGRADithering


TPaletteReaderProc BGRAPalette


TPaletteWriterProc BGRAPalette


TPaperSizes BGRAPapers


TParagraphEvent BGRAUnicodeText


TParagraphLayoutSplitEvent BGRATextBidi


TParagraphSplitEvent BGRAUnicodeText


TPenEndCap BGRAGraphics

How to draw the end of line

TPenEndCap BGRAPen

How to draw the end of line

TPenJoinStyle BGRAGraphics

How to join segments.

TPenJoinStyle BGRAPen

How to join segments.

TPenMode BGRAGraphics


TPenStyle BGRAGraphics

Style to use for the pen.

TPersistent BGRAClasses

Base persistent class

TPerspectiveMode3D BGRAScene3D


TPerspectiveMode3D BGRASceneTypes


TPixelArray BGRAReadBmpMioMap


TPNGArrayOfFrameToWrite BGRAWritePNG


TPNGFrameList BGRAReadPng



PNG signature

TPoint BGRABitmapTypes


TPoint BGRAClasses


TPointF BGRABitmapTypes

Contains a point with single-precision floating point coordinates

TPointF BGRAClasses

Contains a point with single-precision floating point coordinates

TPolygonOrder BGRABitmapTypes

Order of polygons when rendered using TBGRAMultiShapeFiller (in unit BGRAPolygon)

TPrimitiveType BGRADNetDeserial


TProgressProc BGRAReadBMP


TProjection3D BGRAScene3D

Parameters to adjust a projection of 3D in 2D

TRadialBlurTask BGRAFilters

A radial blur applies a blur with a circular influence, i.e, each pixel is merged with pixels within the specified radius.

TRadialBlurType BGRABitmapTypes

Specifies the shape of a predefined blur

TRawImage BGRAGraphics


TRawImageBitOrder BGRABitmapTypes

Order of the bits in a byte containing pixel values

TRawImageByteOrder BGRABitmapTypes

Order of the bytes in a group of byte containing pixel values

TRawImageLineOrder BGRABitmapTypes

Order of the lines in an image

TReadScanlineProc BGRAReadBMP


TRect BGRAClasses


TRectangleMapOption BGRAGradients


TRectangleMapOptions BGRAGradients


TRectF BGRABitmapTypes

Represents a rectangle with single-precision floating point coordinates

TRectF BGRAClasses

Represents a rectangle with single-precision floating point coordinates

TRenderingOptions BGRAScene3D

Options when rendering a 3D scene

TResampleFilter BGRABitmapTypes

List of resample filter to be used with rmFineResample

TResampleMode BGRABitmapTypes

How the resample is to be computed

TResolutionUnit BGRABitmapTypes

Unit used to specify the resolution of a bitmap

TResourceStream BGRAClasses

Resource stream

TRoundRectangleOption BGRABitmapTypes

Possible options for a round rectangle

TRoundRectangleOptions BGRABitmapTypes

A set of options for a round rectangle

TScanAtFunction BGRABitmapTypes

A type of function of a scanner that returns the content at floating point coordinates

TScanAtIntegerFunction BGRABitmapTypes

A type of function of a scanner that returns the content at integer coordinates

TScanNextPixelFunction BGRABitmapTypes

A type of function of a scanner that returns the next pixel

TSeekOrigin BGRAClasses

Stream seek origin

TSetPixelProc BGRAReadPng


TShaderFunction3D BGRAPolygonAliased


TShiftState BGRAClasses


TSize BGRABitmapTypes


TSize BGRAClasses


TSliceBitmapArray BGRASliceScaling


TSlicePosition BGRASliceScaling


TSliceRectArray BGRASliceScaling


TSliceRepeatArray BGRASliceScaling


TSliceRepeatPosition BGRASliceScaling


TSliceScalingArray BGRASliceScaling


TSliceScalingDirection BGRASliceScaling


TSpecialKey BGRALayerOriginal


TSplineStyle BGRABitmapTypes

Different types of spline.

TStartMoveHandlers BGRALayerOriginal


TStream BGRAClasses

Stream base class

TStringList BGRAClasses

String list

TStrings BGRAClasses

Base string list

TStringStream BGRAClasses

String stream

TSVGColorInterpolation BGRASVGType


TSVGElementDictionary BGRASVGType








TSVGImageRendering BGRASVGType


TSVGLengthAdjust BGRASVGType






TSVGNumber BGRAUnits








TSVGRecomputeEvent BGRASVGType


TSVGRenderingIntent BGRASVGType


TSVGSpreadMethod BGRASVGType




TSVGTextDirection BGRASVGType


TSVGTextPathMethod BGRASVGType


TSVGTextPathSpacing BGRASVGType


TTextLayout BGRABitmapTypes

Vertical position of a text

TTextLayout BGRAGraphics

Vertical position of a text

TTextLayout BGRAOpenGL

Vertical position of a text

TTiffCheckIFDOrder BGRAReadTiff


TTiffCreateCompatibleImgEvent BGRAReadTiff


TTransparentMode BGRAGraphics


TTypeCategory BGRADNetDeserial


TUniBrushInitContextProc BGRABitmapTypes

Additional initialization of the brush context (optional)

TUniBrushPutNextPixelsProc BGRABitmapTypes

Outputs pixels from current position defined in context

TUnicodeArray BGRAUTF8


TUnicodeBidiArray BGRAUnicode


TUnicodeBidiClass BGRAUnicode


TUnicodeBidiInfo BGRAUTF8

Bidirectional layout information for one Unicode character

TUnicodeDisplayOrder BGRAUnicode


TUnicodeDisplayOrder BGRAUTF8


TUnicodeJoiningType BGRAUnicode

ubcOtherNeutrals with Mirrored property

TUniversalDrawerAny BGRABitmapTypes


TVertex3DCallback BGRASceneTypes


TWaitForGPUOption BGRAOpenGL


TWaitForGPUOption BGRAOpenGLType


TWordBreakHandler BGRABitmapTypes

Definition of a function that handles work-break

TWordBreakHandler BGRAText


TWriteScanlineProc BGRAReadBMP


TYCbCrStdColorspace BGRABitmapTypes

YCbCr colorspaces based on sRGB colorspace (with some minor variations in the definition of the primary colors)

UInt32or64 BGRABitmapTypes

Unsigned integer value of at least 32 bits

UInt32or64 BGRAClasses

Unsigned integer value of at least 32 bits